Tank-less Water Heater

Many homeowners are under the impression that they should update their traditional water heater to a tank-less water heater system. In reality, even the best electric or gas type tank-less water heater on the market can prove costly in the long run. The price alone for the tank-less product can turn anyone away from purchasing one, especially when a side-by-side comparison shows that storage tank types are less than half the price of the tank-less water heater.

Even the best tank-less hot water heater doesn’t provide a continual consistent temperature when you turn on the faucet. It takes time to get the water heated and a slight trickle of water from the sink doesn’t register the tank-less technology to heat this minimal amount of water.

Installation is not a simple swap out like changing out a tank type water heater. Many times significant re-piping of the water system needs to be done to accommodate the different location needed to install the tank-less water heater. Yearly maintenance can prove costly and far exceed any cost saving you may get in fuel consumption. Before you contact someone that does tank-less water heater installation, contact the experts to save you money both up front and in the long run.

Thankfully, there are other systems on the market that can save you time on the install, save you money on maintenance and give you efficiency rivaling the best tank-less water heater. The Bradford White ICON System is the perfect alternative solution. Using the laws of physics and advanced control technology, the Bradford White ICON System is energy efficient and provides a new standard for water heating systems. Here at Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. we stand by this product as a strong competitor to even the best tank-less water heater systems on the market.


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