Sewer Repairs

No one gives much thought to their sewer system until something unfortunate happens and an immediate sewer line repair is needed. When this happens, it’s time to call in the sewer repair experts that will get your sewer line running properly. Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. has highly trained professionals with experience in everything from sewer pipe repair, to trenchless sewer repair, and residential sewer repair.

Trenchless sewer line repair has gained popularity since it’s done with little to no excavating and is a service that our experts are specialized in. This process is perfect for replacing a pipe that is obstructed by a patio or deck, which leaves your backyard and other structures unscathed. There are many different techniques used for trenchless sewer repair however our air inversion lining is the most effective we have found myriad situations. Trenchless sewer repair is a premium option however consideration must be given for cost to repair landscaping, concrete and asphalt. When you choose to have your sewer or waste lines re-lined it is a forever fix. The lining when fully cured has the strength of ductile iron, flows 17% better than PVC and between 40% and 50% better then new cast iron. So, not only is your newly lined sewer stronger than it was before it’s a heck of a lot more efficient as well.

If you’re concerned with the state of your sewage system, our plumbing specialists can camera inspect the line to identify any problems or potential issues that could cost you in the future. Preventative measures can and should be taken to help your existing sewer system run effectively. These include the following:
• Refrain from planting trees and plants with deep roots near sewer lines
• If mature trees are in and around your sewer line, have the line jetted to cut the roots away. Rodding tree roots is much less effective then hydro jetting.
• Follow-up jetting with 6 month treatment of Root X.
• Keep drains and toilets free from grease and other products that could clog the line

Sometimes, even the most cautious of homeowners run into sewer issues. The following information offers the telltale signs that sewer line repairs are needed.
• The smell of sewage in the backyard and/or basement
• Water backup at the drains
• Sewer smells emitting from your sump pit.
• Chronic sewer back-ups.
• Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet
• Low spots or depressions in the ground near the area of your sewer line.

Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. provides exceptional service for all of your sewer repair needs. Working closely with their clients we give our customers the attention they deserve. Call today and talk to an expert about all your sewer system needs.


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