Copper Re-pipe

Many homes built before 1980 used galvanized pipe for their water system.  After years of use, the inside of the pipe oxidizes resulting in rusted and leaky pipes, leaving your home full of water collection buckets and garden hose.


Fortunately, new homes are built using copper water piping or PEX plastic.  However, owners of older homes should contact a re-pipe specialist that has experience re-piping a house that was made with galvanized or older copper pipes. To receive the proper documentation and best plumbing re-pipe, it’s essential to find re-piping specialists that can re-pipe your home quickly and effectively.


Expert Plumbing Service, Inc has all the plumbing re-pipe and professional experience to handle any re-pipe job.  The expert technician will begin by assessing the plumbing and looking for signs of water damage throughout the home.  Working with the best plumbing re-piping technology available, the specialist will get to work making repairs or completely replacing the existing pipes.


Leaks can sometimes be hard to detect when they first happen and the sooner it’s identified, the more economical the repair costs should be. Some signs that you have a water leak in your home includes:

  • A high water bill
  • Mildew or mold is growing on the walls or ceiling
  • Damp and discolored areas of the wall or ceiling
  • The sound of running water is heard when no water is being used


If you’re experience any or all of these, or need re-piping plumbing in your home, contact the experts at Expert Plumbing Service, Inc.  The highly trained specialists are here to provide you with all your pluming needs.


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