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Sewer Repairs

No one gives much thought to their sewer system until something unfortunate happens and an immediate sewer line repair is needed. When this happens, it’s time to call in the sewer repair experts that will get your sewer line running properly. Expert Plumbing Service, Inc. has highly trained professionals with experience in everything from sewer […]

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Tank-less Water Heater

Many homeowners are under the impression that they should update their traditional water heater to a tank-less water heater system. In reality, even the best electric or gas type tank-less water heater on the market can prove costly in the long run. The price alone for the tank-less product can turn anyone away from purchasing […]

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Sump Pump Battery Backup

Usually found in the basement, sump pumps are essential to prevent water from overflowing from the sump basin into your home.  The sump pump removes the excess water that accumulates in the reservoir and displaces it to a dry well or drain.  Unfortunately, in the event of extreme flooding or snow, power outages, or a […]

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Copper Re-pipe

Many homes built before 1980 used galvanized pipe for their water system.  After years of use, the inside of the pipe oxidizes resulting in rusted and leaky pipes, leaving your home full of water collection buckets and garden hose.   Fortunately, new homes are built using copper water piping or PEX plastic.  However, owners of […]

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